Test your knowledge with the Abbot Beer Diploma

Modules cover beer history & folklore, brewing & beer ingredients, beer storage and serving techniques & beer tasting. If you pass you'll get your own certificate to print and keep plus membership to the Abbot Alumni. Your score will be ranked as Pass, Merit or Distinction. Beyond the kudos, being a member has additional benefits. In the future you will have privileged access to information, promotions and offers.

This is definitely a challenge! There are forty questions in total (10 per module) that you need to complete before you can call yourself an Abbot Alumni:

Module 1 aims to test your knowledge of brewing in years gone by, from the Sumerians to saints.

Module 2 challenges your knowledge of what goes into brewery the perfect pint.

Module 3 covers your local pub's role in bringing you a great pint of cask beer.

Module 4 we tell you how much you know about tasting beer, why not pour yourself a pint for this last section - you're on the home stretch.

To get started please enter your brief details and click the button below, if you would like take a break and you can save you answers and return to them later. You will be emailed with your password. Please note that you must be over 18 to take this challenge.

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